Travel With A Baby

Ever been so scared of something that you’d rather just not do it? Yeah that’s how we were the first time we decided to fly with Nicholas. After a TON of research and implementing some of my own ideas though we were pleasantly surprised when our travels weren’t as hard as people made it out to be.

So, I’m going to share some of my best tips from our travels, and hopefully this will help things go smoother for you as well!

Travelling at 3-6 months
Tip #1: Have a bottle ready for take off and landing, or if you’re breastfeeding like we were just have baby nurse during take off and landing. This helps their ears pop, which is usually the culprit for super cranky babies on planes.
Tip #2: Try to pick a flight that fits in the schedule you’ve already developed. Example- It’s about a two hour drive to the airport, you have to be there about an hour early. If our flight was at 11 AM then Nicholas would sleep in the car from 8-10, nurse and be awake playing with us at the airport while we wait for our flight to board. Nap again on the plane and be awake play with us as we get through the airport, claim luggage, and get to the car where he would sleep again as we go to our final destination. This was something that happened by luck for us the first time around, but now I try my best to make sure I can get flights or make travel plans that fit his nap/sleep schedule. Of course, life happens and it’s not always perfect, but if I can make it work I do.

Travelling 6-12 months
Tip #1: Have snacks, a bottle, small toys, and entertainment available. Since at this age naps aren’t as frequent I make sure to have plenty of things to keep Nicholas occupied during the flight. Take off and landing tip still apply here as well, since he needs a way for his ears to pop.

Tip #2: I still try to make sure flights, or any travel plans really, fit around his sleep schedule. It’s just a little different. He doesn’t sleep on the plane. He sleeps in the car on the way to the airport, and then again once we get in the car to drive to our destination. Again, not always perfect, but this is what we aim for because it makes travelling that much easier on us.


Certainly as he gets older these things will change, and we will run into new challenges. Once that happens I’ll be sure to share how we tackle those as well!

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