Fighting the Bloat Life

We’ve all dealt with it, that annoying bloated {gassy} feeling. It brings me an extra special amount of discomfort so, over the years I’ve really focused in on what it is exactly that causes me to bloat, and how to conquer it.


Things That Wreak Havoc On My Stomach

  1. Gassy Foods
    It’s no surprise that foods like broccoli and brussels sprouts cause gassiness, but with that gassiness comes the bloat. At least for me. So I try to find other healthy foods that don’t have the same affect. Zucchini, cucumber, and carrots are really good go to options for me and I use them a lot in my diet as well as butternut squash and spinach.
  2. Carbonated Drinks
    This is kind of like a no brainer, but when I say carbonated drinks I mean ALL carbonated drinks. Seltzer water, beer, soda, and basically anything that has little fizzies in it. I went through a trend for a few days of drinking a beer with my husband every night before bed, and HELLO bloat galore. Looked like I was a good 5 months pregnant by the third day. Not a good look.
  3. Starchy Foods and Simple Carbohydrates
    Now, before you think I’m going to say all carbs are bad don’t eat them, I eat and LIVE for carbs. Try to stop me from eating them and it won’t be pretty. On that note, I’ve noticed recently that when I eat white breads or anything less than whole grain I instantly get inflamed. It could be the extra sugars, or the gluten, but I’m not ready to quit gluten and I eat plenty of other things with it and have no issues. After eating certain potatoes (russet) and corn in particular I notice the onset of bloat and discomfort as well.

You’re probably thinking, “well cool, but how do you battle this?”

Here are my tips:

  1. Stop eating the foods that make you bloated. Mindblowing right?
  2. Drink more water!
    Like an obscene amount. Shoot for a gallon a day. You’ll be peeing ALL the time. Some people will tell you that you need to limit water when trying to get rid of bloat, but heres the thing: when you are dehydrated your body HOLDS onto water. When you are properly hydrated your body knows it doesn’t need to hold onto the excess and gets rid of it. TADA! Your body is really freaking smart.
  3. Get a good workout in!
    Along with being hydrated well, work on sweating out some of those toxins your body is holding onto. I like to get a good sweat in because it helps me INSTANTLY feel better. If I know I’m moving my body, making healthy choices, and doing what I can to combat the onset of bloat then I tend to worry about it less.
  4. Bloat is NOT weight gain.
    Don’t stress yourself out about it. You didn’t magically gain 20 pounds over night even though I know it feels that way. Practice these tricks and use some mindfulness daily and it will get better.

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